Morrill Family and Friends

This is for Morrill family and friends

We are really excited about family coming to visit in N.C. and going to see Mary Lynn's mother in Pa.

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Linda, are there things you really want to see in DC?

We're looking forward to the trip, too. Life is fairly busy as the school year winds down. We're really looking forward to the break.

Dana is going to camp this year at Hidden Valley Camp, a camp owned by a nurse I work with at Evergreen. We went to the open house today.
Glad to hear about Dana's camp. Linda, do you essentially want to spend our one day in Washington at the Smithsonian?

It doesn't matter -- anything is fine. I'm overwhelmed right now with paying for Jeff's college and can't really think clearly enough to plan anything else. Whatever you decide is fine. Thanks so much for doing this.






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